Virtual Farmers’ Market

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The Foodshed Alliance Farmers’ Access Network (FAFAN) has decided to close the Virtual Farmers’ Market Program at our Long Valley Location effective immediately. This is a difficult business decision but we want to be sure that the work and efforts of the FAFAN continues to best benefit our Farmers and Customers. Our role is to support our local farmers and provide a viable outlet for their products. With a recent need to change our location from Long Valley, FAFAN is working diligently to create new opportunities and a new location at the same time minimizing the impact to our farmers’ sales and workload.

We are not permanently closing the program but as a committee we plan to re-examine the program, the system, logistics, etc. and determine a more viable opportunity for the VFM to be effective, so stay tuned!

Our organization has grown, and we look forward to new opportunities, ideas, and programs to further this mission.  As always, our mission is to promote a robust farm economy in the NW New Jersey area. The Board of Directors appreciates your continued support of our farmers and vendors at the Newton Winter Market  and the new Morris County Market.


  • Fresh Locally Grown Produce
  • Farm Raised Beef, Lamb, Pork & Poultry
  • Fresh Baked Goods, Pastries & Treats
  • Artisan Bread
  • Variety of Cheeses
  • Soups, Sauces & Salsa
  • Eggs – Fresh from the farm
  • Honey, Jellies, Jams & Syrups
  • Locally Prepared Foods:  Quiche, Pasta, Stuffed Breads, Pierogies . . .
  • Seasonal & Speciality Items


A Virtual Farmers’ Market is a group of neighbors, friends, family and co-workers who collectively order their food for delivery to a local pre-determined place, day and time. The Virtual Farmers’ Market allows you to purchase sustainable farm-fresh food on a weekly basis at affordable prices.

We currently  pick-up locations:
  • Hackettstown/Long Valley NJ
  • East Stroudsburg, PA


Members are able to purchase high quality natural foods and products and realize the cost savings resulting from buying directly from the farms. Other benefits of joining a Virtual Farmers’ Market  include:

  • Meeting other people from your community with similar interests
  • Supporting your local farmers and vendors while building a stronger community
  • Revitalizing your neighborhood, small town or rural area by gaining access to high quality   natural foods and  products which otherwise may not be available to you
  • Customizing your own order, ordering what your family will use
  • Learning more about natural food, nutrition and cooking


  • Join a local group and the Foodshed Alliance Farmers’ Access Network
  • Check product availability on-line
  • Easily place your order on-line
  • Pick up your food at your club’s designated time and host location.
  • Conveniently pay at pick up or on-line
  • Enjoy your quality products and savings